There are lots of ways to get involved with CAA. Check out some of the volunteer opportunities below:

Events Team

CAA hosts around 20 events a year but we are always growing and looking for new ways to engage with the community. If you want to host a movie night or get a group of friends down to your favourite pub this is the job for you.

Fundraising Committee

Everything you see here is done through the generous donations of our members and friends and family. The fundraising committee makes sure that all the great work we do can continue into the next year.

Outreach Committee

Want to write, make flyers, manage social media accounts, and talk to people? The Outreach Committee is right for you. This team makes sure we reach people who aren’t coming to our events and allies who want to know more about our community.

A member at Pride 2018 Photo Credit: Paul Wiebe

A member at Pride 2018
Photo Credit: Paul Wiebe

Contributing Writer

We are starting a blog! If you are interested in writing about your experiences with a-spec identities and how they have interacted with other aspects of your life please volunteer to write for us. Entries must be at least 1000 words and may be posted anonymously.

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If you are volunteering to be on the Board of Directors your legal name will be published in accordance with the Alberta Societies Act. For all other boards, providing a non-legal name is fine
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