Whether I was born this way, or made this way, or chose this way; the important fact is that I am this way and I'm not changing for you.


Asexual and Aromantic a resource site with flyers, presentations, and a map of all the a-spec groups in North America

Arocalypse discord server for Aromantic spectrum individuals.

Asexual Outreach is a Toronto-based aroace advocacy group that aims to support similar groups across Canada. They provide resources including an Ace inclusion Guide for schools.

The Asexual Journal is a community sourced journal that puts out several issues a year on specific topics.

AUREA (Aromantic-Spectrum Union for REcognition, Education and Advocacy) is working to grow the aromantic community and advocate for their interests

AVEN the Asexuality Visibility and Education Network provides information for aces and people who want to learn about asexuality. They also host one of the largest forums of A-spec individuals.

Reducing Acephobia by Sophie Morrish. A handy guide on how to reduce acephobia in your community

General Queer

Alberta Health Services LGBTQ2S+ AHS provides health care to everyone in Alberta. This site includes links to find a doctor as well as resources regarding queer health and best practices to to provide a safe space to queer people in your community.

Calgary Outlink  is a safe community hub that offers peer support, peer groups, connections to the LGBTQ2S+ community, access to resources, and educational opportunities.

Calgary Pride runs the Pride Festival every year but also hosts a community calendar where other organization can post their events.

Calgary Sexual Health Centre focuses on providing sexual health services.

Outreels is the Fairy Tales Film Festival diversity education program. They bring an LGBT film to your community and facilitate a screening and discussion around an topic of your choosing.

Skipping Stone Foundation is an organization that supports trans youth and runs the Metta Clinic.


GSA Network    Calgary Sexual Health Centre is proud to host and support a growing network of schools and community organizations that strive to create safe spaces for LGBTQ+ students and staff. The network provides networking, support, training, project funding, school visits and more to people involved in a GSA, or those who want to start one.

The Alex provides a variety of healthcare, a community kitchen, social supports such as job counselling and ID document support, housing, and basic needs such as clothing and toiletries.


PFLAG Calgary Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays Calgary Chapter is affiliated with PFLAG Canada. It is a welcoming and safe space for parents and friends of people who have come out as lesbian, gay, bisexual, two spirited, or queer.

Mental Health

Calgary Distress Centre provides phone, online chat, and texting crisis counselling support

Calgary Counselling Centre provides long-term in-person counselling. The pricing is on a sliding scale based on income.

Trans Lifeline is a hotline staffed by and for trans people.


Wolf Pack is building a community of social support by creating space for the conversations that men don’t normally have.